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Kerry Newell

Kerry Newell

Kerry’s passion for wildlife and art began at a young age and has continued ever since. Within the family home where Kerry grew up, the rural garden - a haven for wildlife and the surrounding countryside - offered unending supply of reference material as well as her parents providing an everlasting supply of art materials for which she is eternally grateful.

By the age of 14 Kerry began taking commissions, the first of these being a pair of Bull Finches followed in quick succession by a series of British Butterfly illustrations. It wasn’t long after that Kerry was offered a place at Loughborough Art College which escalated her artistic skill despite never feeling the need or desire to pursue a more formal art education. Kerry felt that nature, patience, and practice were all she needed.

From there Kerry’s work as a commissioned artist was established. A career that, throughout the years, has seen clients spanned across the UK and globally in Australia, America, Switzerland, and Germany.

Kerry often refers to her love of the natural world, leading to a passion conserving it and the quote – “a picture can paint a thousand words” - so what better way of sharing her passions than by teaching others. With the experience of teaching for over 20 years and running workshops since 2008, Kerry was invited in 2011 to be a founding artist for the gallery at Twycross Zoo, Warwickshire. Since then, she has gone on to work for Chester Zoo and Knowsley Safari Park in Cheshire, running successful workshops. Her current project involvement includes running monthly workshops at Martin Mere Wetland Centre with 50% of proceeds going straight back into conservation work via the WWT, alongside teaching at Venture Uganda, who have invited Kerry to run art-based safaris.

Kerry’s work features many mediums including pastel, coloured pencil, ink, watercolour, acrylics, and oils to name but a few and educates new artists on these products within her workshops and teaching projects.

Alongside actively demonstrating and exhibiting throughout the year, Kerry continues to take commissions on a regular basis. There are many exciting plans for the future but importantly Kerry continues to do what she loves most - spontaneously creating when inspired and enjoying the journey for as long as it lasts.

“For life is a privilege and a life spent creating is a blessing. Stay safe & stay creative.”