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Nicoleta Croitoru

Nicoleta Croitoru

Nicoleta Croitoru is a 19-year-old London-based artist and designer. Right from an early age, she has had an innate drive to craft and express herself through art.

Her journey of self-discovery has led to a colourful art style centred around themes of mental health. Nicoleta’s expertise lies in creating eye-catching art using coloured pencils as her main medium, through which she portrays dreamy and mystical atmospheres with surrealistic and abstract elements.

She is currently studying for a BA (Hons) degree in Product and Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins, which she will complete in 2024, while continuing her self-taught artistic journey.

She aims to keep exploring all the ways in which art and design can create new perspectives and challenge the world around us.

@nikisarts on Instagram