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Bee Morrison

Bee Morrison

Bee Morrison has been a freelance artist and tutor for over forty years.

International travel has taken her all around the world on her own residential art courses and cruise ship work.

Bee has also been engaged with lots of television work, as a competitor on Watercolour Challenge and as a jewellery designer on Jewellery Maker TV just to mention two.

Creating a presence as a painter in her local area culminated in her own major solo exhibition in Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery in March/April 2019.

Since 2019 Bee has been writing and illustrating her latest book called Graphtastic – history of graphite pencil and how to use it. All being well this is due to be published 4th July 2021 marking her 41st year of graduating from art college.


Facebook: bee morrison.927

Twitter: @bee1955morrison

Instagram: purplebee44