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Derwent announce test success with new Lightfast collection


Derwent announce test success with new Lightfast collection

Following extensive testing in Arizona, Derwent® are proud to announce the launch of 36 colours in the Lightfast range that have successfully passed the internationally recognised ASTM D6901 standard test with flying colours.

The new Derwent Lightfast range has been rigorously trialled and tested by the US ASTM board to the D6901 standard, the internationally accepted test method for artists painting media. All colours in the range have been given the highest lightfast rating and are 100% lightfast under normal museum conditions.

Each of the carefully selected shades features a unique formulation to combat UVA radiation and maintain permanent vibrant colour, ensuring creatives are safe in the knowledge their artwork can be displayed for years to come.

In the next-twelve months, the Lightfast range will have additional colours added, following further testing to ensure the range is 100% lightfast across all climates and conditions.

Presented in a beautiful clear lacquered cedar wood barrel, the Lightfast range will feature a navy imprint bearing the colour name and ASTM lightfast rating to ensure artists can easily choose a pencil from their artboxes.

The Lightfast range has a smooth oil base that creates a rich vibrancy and can be mixed on the page to create a paint-like effect. All 36 colours are compatible with oil painting mediums and solvents for a unique drawing and painterly experience. 

Mike Stranders, Vice President and General Manager at Derwent said: “Derwent has an unrivalled commitment to high quality artists’ materials, ensuring that artists have the best products to create art works to the highest professional standards.

“Derwent Lightfast has undergone rigorous testing and quality control to ensure that the range meets the highest ratings on the ASTM D6901 standards.

“We’re really proud of the range and can’t wait to see what artists can create with Lightfast!”


Retail prices for the Derwent® Lightfast range start at £3.20/€3.20/$3.75 for individual pencils, a tin of 12 pencils at £34.99/€35.99/$44.99, a tin of 24 at £69.99/€64.99/$91.99 and a tin of 36 at £109.99/€109.99/$144.99. The range will be available to buy from all good art retailers in the UK and online at from the 25th June 2018.