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Derwent® announce launch of the NEW Procolour range


Derwent® announce launch of the NEW Procolour range

Derwent ® is proud to announce the latest addition to its coloured pencils, in the professional quality range. The Derwent® Procolour range boasts a strong core with a smooth laydown and clean finish. They are the perfect combination of a strong point and smooth laydown, with a texture that has the covering power of wax yet glides like an oil. Procolour combines the best of the Artists and Coloursoft ranges and is expected to become an instant favourite in art boxes everywhere. The new range has been in development for two years and combines precision with a non-waxy laydown.

Highlighted product features include: 

- A strong core and strong point
- Minimal chipping and dusting, keeping work clean and smudge free unlike competitors’ products
- A smooth formulation giving the highest quality colour laydown, non-waxy finish
- High levels of pigmentation in each pencil with high opacity
- Suitable for a wide range of drawing techniques
- Available in a carefully selected range of 72 rich and vibrant colours

The unique formulation within each Procolour pencil promises a clean finish every time with minimal chipping and dusting keeping work clean and smudge free, meaning the product is superior and unique in comparison to what is currently available on the market. Procolour was developed with a select group of international professional artists, who have praised the range for its strong point, vibrant and smooth colours, colour-mixing and layering abilities and bright tones on a range of white and black papers. A dark grey barrel is accentuated with silver details, allowing consumers to instantly recognise the new collection alongside its coloured pencil counterparts and confirms Derwent’s strapline ‘Drawn to Perfection.’

Astri Saunders, Marketing Manager at Derwent®, said: “We are excited to be introducing the Derwent Procolour range, complementing our existing portfolio perfectly. Procolour combines the strong point of Artists with the laydown of Coloursoft and gives artists another unique choice of coloured pencil within their drawing supplies. The range has been receiving excellent reviews from artists who have trialled them and confirms our commitment to creating the highest-quality products for artists around the world.”

Available in stores from July 2017. Derwent Procolour Single pencil retail at £2.04 RRP each, Procolour 12 Tin £22.75 RRP, Procolour 24 Tin £44.75 RRP, Procolour 36 Tin £65.75 RRP, Procolour 72 Tin £137.75 RRP.

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