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Superfine, free flowing, permanent fineliner pens

Line Maker Pens

Highly lightfast, opaque, water-soluble, permanent once dry.  Derwent Line Makers are superfine, free-flowing fine liners with a consistent line, ideal for both drawing and writing. Line Makers contain permanent, fast drying pigment ink, with intense colour which dries quickly and will not move once dry. 

Create beautiful opaque, solid lines with speed, ideal for artwork and hand lettering either in the studio or when on location. Comfortable to hold with a high quality Japanese nib that is highly durable, ideal for a variety of mixed media techniques.

All colours are highly lightfast, colours will not fade for a long period of time. Available in Black, Sepia and Graphite plus 6 new colours. Nib sizes range from a super-fine 0.05 to a bold 0.8 (black only).

Artist Recommended

“Using the new permanent black line makers enables me as an urban sketcher to create a detailed visual response to the world around me. Their superfine tips provide a greater level of precision, and their free flowing quality helps develop speed and accuracy; which can be essential for location drawing.” Ian Fennelly

Derwent Line Makers Video

Derwent Line Makers Video

Watch our video with Artist Rachael Taylor about how she uses our Line Makers in her artwork.

Watch Line Maker Video