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Soft, refreshing coloured paints in pastel shades. Apply as a light wash or layer up for a brighter finish

Pastel Shades Paint Pan Set

Derwent’s uniquely formulated pastel shades paints are soft, opaque and light. They can be layered for a brighter finish, without dissolving previously dried layers. This compact and portable set contains 12 contemporary pastel paint pans. Ideal as a complementary set to our Inktense and Metallic paint sets to create an array of effects.

"As a watercolor artist, I enjoy capturing such lovely scenes and sweet indulgences, but my palette often feels limited when it comes to pastel shades. The Derwent Pastel Palette provides a perfect combination of soft, calm hues and versatile, vibrant saturation. Derwent paints are permanent once dry, allowing for a user-friendly layering process that adds dimension to illustrations. This compact palette is easily transportable and complements other Derwent palettes including Inktense and Metallics. The shades bring new light to watercolor illustrations and will enhance the artwork of any artist." Abby Nurre