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Martin Aveling

Martin Aveling

Martin’s passion for drawing wildlife was born out of his surroundings at a very young age. While his parents were working to conserve mountain gorillas on the steep forested slopes of the Virunga volcanoes in what was then known as Zaire, Martin picked up pencils and drew them.

He strives for a clean, contemporary look to his artworks, celebrating the detail in his animal subjects. Martin has been using Derwent pastel pencils ever since his school days, and it was these same pencils he turned to when asked to draw the first illustration of the newly discovered Myanmar snub-nosed monkey.

Martin is a regular on the London wildlife art scene, having exhibited with the Society of Wildlife Artists and at the David Shepherd Foundation’s ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ event. His work has been auctioned in London and Paris, and he has held successful solo exhibitions in Africa, Europe and North America. Through his work, Martin seeks to raise the profile of endangered wildlife around the world and to generate support for its conservation.

A selection of Martin’s amazing step-by-step animal videos: