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Procolour Pencils

Procolour Pencils are the perfect combination of a strong point and smooth laydown, with a texture that has the covering power of wax but glides like an oil.


Select colours

Procolour Lime

Procolour Primrose Yellow

Procolour Buttercup Yellow

Procolour Champagne

Procolour Gold

Procolour Deep Cadmium

Procolour Yellow Ochre

Procolour Middle Chrome

Procolour Deep Chrome

Procolour Spectrum Orange

Procolour Bright Red

Procolour Primary Red

Procolour Geranium Lake

Procolour Crimson Lake

Procolour Plum

Procolour Flesh Pink

Procolour Salmon

Procolour Pink Madder Lake

Procolour Rose Pink

Procolour Cerise Pink

Procolour Magenta

Procolour Mars Violet

Procolour Heather

Procolour Soft Violet

Procolour Grape

Procolour Imperial Purple

Procolour Dark Violet

Procolour Blue Violet Lake

Procolour Delft Blue

Procolour Mid Ultramarine

Procolour Ultramarine

Procolour Prussian Blue

Procolour Phthalo Blue

Procolour Spectrum Blue

Procolour Dark Indigo

Procolour Cobalt Blue

Procolour Light Blue

Procolour Sky Blue

Procolour Kingfisher Blue

Procolour Midnight Blue

Procolour Turquoise Green

Procolour Spruce Green

Procolour Distant Green

Procolour Racing Green

Procolour Light Moss

Procolour Sap Green

Procolour Mineral Green

Procolour Cedar Green

Procolour Grass Green

Procolour Moss Green

Procolour Foliage

Procolour Olive Green

Procolour Bronze

Procolour Sepia

Procolour Burnt Umber

Procolour Vandyke Brown

Procolour Copper Beech

Procolour Chocolate

Procolour Brown Ochre

Procolour Burnt Yellow Ochre

Procolour Sunset Gold

Procolour Autumn Leaf

Procolour Venetian Red

Procolour Terracotta

Procolour Nutmeg

Procolour Burnt Carmine

Procolour Gunmetal

Procolour Storm Grey

Procolour Felt Grey

Procolour Blue Grey

Procolour Ivory Black

Procolour Chinese White

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