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Extra wide charcoal for expressive work – use wet or dry

XL Charcoal Blocks

Charcoal just got bigger and more beautiful! These blocks have all the qualities of charcoal that you love in a chunky XL form, combine that with rich natural colours and you've got an artist’s dream!

The blocks come in 6 muted shades from Sanguine and Violet to Sepia and Ochre. Naturally water-soluble you can use them on a damp surface and release lots of colour really quickly and build up layers of different colours as you go.

Artist recommended

“These chunky XL blocks are an artists’ dream; delivering enormous swatches of rich colour. On a damp surface they release a creamy strip of live pigment, which when dry can be re-worked with layers of contrasting colour and marks…Working with them is a truly rewarding creative experience.” David Winning